I want to use media to accelerate disciple making movements

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What is Kingdom.Training?

Kingdom.Training will help you use media to accelerate disciple making movements by training you to:

Clarify your vision, what you want to see happen as a result of your ministry.

Select the best media platform for your context.

Start an effective prayer network.

Research God’s work in your target people group to guide your strategy and content.

Identify your strategy’s critical path for the sake of future experimentation and evaluation.

Evaluate your current ability to make disciples who make disciples, and point you to Biblical training that will help you do so.

Create and use media content that helps seekers progress step-by-step on their spiritual journeys.

Get started using online advertisements.

Evaluate your media strategy’s effectiveness for the sake of continual upgrading.


Kingdom.Training's principles helped us serve thousands of Muslims on their spiritual journeys toward Christ last year. We were delighted that some of them became disciples who made disciples, even to the fourth generation!